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Start your own new business or reinforce your existing one, with subsidized national or European development programs. Such programs are the NSRF, the Development Law, the Green Fund and many more. We undertake the entire process of researching and studying for your inclusion in the program up to its implementation.

SYMPRAXIS, with its certified partners, undertakes the entire process of inclusion into subsidized development programs. In particular, we follow the steps below:


Firstly: We check whether your company can be included in a current national or European development program, and if this is in line with your needs. In this first step, we are also considering the possibility of alternative sources of funding, because some programs do not subsidize 100% of the project.

Secondly: Preparation and submission of the entire investment proposal file. At this stage, we initially prepare the feasibility study, collect all necessary supporting documents and legalization data, and submit the file on behalf of the client-investor to the competent body.

Thirdly: Implementation of the investment proposal and monitoring of the project. It is our duty, after the file’s submission, to follow the procedure step by step, in order for our client to take advantage not only from the creation or expansion of the existing business, but also from the future course of the investment. In other words, our deliverable shall have a future and a perspective.